Connect your customers with our digital platforms for Freight Forwarders, NVOCC and Feeder Operators
Freight Platform
Freight platform enables Freight Forwarders and their customers to connect digitally and manage their shipments.
NVOCC Platform
NVOCC platform provides state-of-the-art planning, booking, shipping and real-time tracking capabilities.
Feeder Platform
Offer digital presence to your customers using Patang’s state-of-the art feeder platform and bring all manual processes like bookings, tariff, and slot-loss calculations online.

Logistics simplified with connected customer experiences

We are digital enablers, transforming disconnected traditional logistics industry to connected logistics platforms

Connect your business digitally with our global end-to-end supply chain platforms and offer digital solutions to your customers. Patang digital platform delivers best-in-class customer experiences with our state-of-the-art solutions for Freight Forwarding, NVOCC and Feeder businesses.

Multiple intelligent applications and the world’s best digital notification tools are waiting to power your business transformation. Your customers can make the best business decisions using real-time applications. It’s time to scale up your business and achieve sustainable growth by offering your customers digitally enabled solutions.

We help our customers take responsibility in empowering them to digitize transactions, optimize processes and improve profit margins through our next generation platforms.





Bookings Managed





Containers Booked





Slots Booked

Freight Platform

View all your existing and past bookings with complete information on a single screen. Easily navigate and filter your bookings to fill Shipping instructions online.

Get real-time shipment tracking. Choose between tracking by container, HBL number or booking number. Also, receive automated shipment milestones alerts for complete visibility.

Get a list of invoices and related documents on a single screen. User-friendly dashboard and filters allow to view all invoices with an option to download.

NVOCC Platform

Find sailing schedules online. Check shipping schedules by port and easily view the various sailing schedules by route, vessel, or carrier.

Fill a simplified Shipping Instruction Form to create a new Shipping Instruction for a specific booking.

Get booking alerts, shipment tracking, changes in shipping plans, and key shipment milestones directly on WhatsApp.

Feeder Platform

Check the schedule online and plan for your future cargo! Create & submit your Bookings online at just one click. No more hassle of paperwork, fill out our online form to book your slot!

Cargo with extra weight, bigger dimensions might cause lost slots and additional cost. Therefore, get access to a simplified slot loss calculator to check over-length does not affect the lost slots.

As a special gesture to our loyal customers, we offer them discounted & adjusted rate. You can simply view the rate matrix by selecting TO & FROM port.


API Integration


EDI Facts integration


Block Chain & AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Patang is a Global logistics Platform that provides end-to-end supply chain solutions and is also into Blockchain services.

We are focused on digitizing the logistics industry by creating more customer-connected applications and bringing end-to-end automated processes to save operational costs for all stakeholders.

Currently, most of the work in the shipping & logistics industry is performed manually & there is a problem with digital connection with customers & real-time visibility of cargo shipments. Patang provides the solution to this by digitizing the whole process of booking & managing the shipments and provides live visibility of Air & Sea shipments with real-time updates over WhatsApp, e-mail & in-app notifications.

Following are different platforms and services provided by Patang-

If you want to increase efficiency & profitability in this era of Digital Transformation & provide your customers with the best-in-class, hassle-free experience at every point in their journey with your business, then you know your business needs to go digital.

Patang helps you provide a best-in-class experience for your customers by providing them with real-time cargo(air-ocean-road) visibility & AI-based analytics, right at their fingertips through WhatsApp & e-mail notifications, eliminating all the paperwork & delay caused due to the old manual process.